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We offer specialist advice, assistance and representation with:

  • Homelessness: whether you’re being threatened with homelessness by your landlord or are already homeless, we can assist with your application for housing or for review to your local council.
  • Rent arrears: we can negotiate repayment of the arrears to prevent potential court proceedings and eviction if you have been served with notice by your landlord.
  • Possession proceedings: if court proceedings have been brought against you, affecting your home or living conditions, we can represent you at court.
  • Harassment and unlawful evictions: if you have been threatened by your landlord or evicted without court proceedings, we can provide you with urgent assistance.
  • Disrepair: where your home suffers serious disrepair, affecting you or your family's health, we can assist in getting urgent repairs carried out by your landlord.
  • Allocations: we can assist with advice and reviews if you have been allocated accommodation as a homeless person and need to challenge its suitability.

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